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Oracle to Launch Its Blockchain Platform

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Oracle to Launch Its Blockchain Platform

Oracle to Launch Its Blockchain Platform

Which is in 2021, Oracle had already launched its blockchain platform, called the Oracle Blockchain Platform.

The Oracle Blockchain Platform is a fully-managed blockchain service that enables businesses to build and deploy decentralized applications on a permissioned blockchain. The platform is built on top of the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain framework and offers features such as secure identity management, automated smart contract deployment, and built-in analytics.

Oracle’s blockchain platform aims to provide a secure and transparent way for businesses to conduct transactions and exchange data, while reducing the need for intermediaries and increasing efficiency. The platform has already been used by companies in various industries, including supply chain, finance, and healthcare.

Overall, the launch of the Oracle Blockchain Platform reflects the growing interest in blockchain technology and its potential applications in various industries.

As of my knowledge cutoff date of September 2021, the latest version of Oracle Blockchain Platform was version 19.3.3. This platform is designed to provide an enterprise-grade distributed ledger technology solution for businesses looking to improve their supply chain management, financial transactions, and other use cases that require a secure and transparent method of exchanging information.

Some of the new features that were introduced in the 19.3.3 release of Oracle Blockchain Platform include:

1. Enhanced Integration Capabilities: The platform now offers improved integration with existing enterprise systems and applications, making it easier for businesses to incorporate blockchain technology into their existing workflows.

2. Improved Security: The latest version of Oracle Blockchain Platform includes improved security features, such as secure key management and secure transaction processing, to help protect against fraud and data breaches.

3. Performance Enhancements: The platform has been optimized for performance, with faster transaction processing times and improved scalability to support large-scale deployments.

4. User Interface Improvements: The platform includes a more intuitive user interface, making it easier for businesses to manage and monitor their blockchain networks.

Overall, the Oracle Blockchain Platform offers a robust solution for businesses looking to harness the power of distributed ledger technology to improve their operations and increase transparency and trust in their business processes.

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