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Kaspersky Lab: North Korea Hacks Cryptocurrency Exchange With ‘First’ macOS Malware

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Kaspersky Lab: North Korea Hacks Cryptocurrency Exchange With ‘First’ macOS Malware

Kaspersky Lab: North Korea Hacks Cryptocurrency Exchange With ‘First’ macOS Malware

Kaspersky Lab is a cybersecurity company that has reported on various cyberattacks and malware incidents over the years. In this particular case, Kaspersky Lab reported that a North Korean hacking group had used what they referred to as “first” macOS malware to attack a cryptocurrency exchange.

According to Kaspersky Lab’s report, the malware was designed specifically for macOS and was used to infiltrate a cryptocurrency exchange. The malware was distributed through a fake cryptocurrency trading application that was hosted on a website designed to look like a legitimate trading site. Once the victim downloaded and installed the fake application, the malware would begin to execute its malicious code, which included stealing the victim’s cryptocurrency wallet information and sending it to the attacker’s server.

The report did not identify the specific cryptocurrency exchange that was targeted, but it did provide details about the North Korean hacking group responsible for the attack. The group, which Kaspersky Lab refers to as “AppleJeus,” is believed to have been active since at least 2018 and has been linked to several attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges and financial institutions.

Overall, the incident highlights the continued threat of cyberattacks on cryptocurrency exchanges and the importance of taking steps to secure personal cryptocurrency wallets and trading accounts. Additionally, it serves as a reminder that cybercriminals are continually developing new tactics and malware to target unsuspecting victims, regardless of their operating system.

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